Jewelry tempered by art.

In its Manufactures at La Tronche near Grenoble in the french Alpes Mountains Majery brings to life the most unexpected rings and bracelets of its designers. Thanks to rare skills that have been preserved, enriched and perpetuated from generation to generation, the extraordinary jeweleries appears each day in its atelier. Each luxury rinng and bracelet creation is designed and created like a work of art, giving meaning to the motto of the founder, “Always believe and labor hard on his ideas to bring them into existence.”

Saint-Pierre de Chartreuse.

At Saint-Pierre de Chartreuse, Majery designs, creates and assembles more than 40 different calibers entirely in-house. With their extremely thin profiles, some as thin as 2,35 mm, they all meet the criteria of elegance of the Maison. Even in the field of complications or skeletons, finesse remains essential, adding an additional challenge for engineers and watchmakers. Because of its complexity, the ultra-thin demands a particular mastery that is only acquired after many years of practice. A movement may contain as many as 400 components that are the object of meticulous finishing and embellishment. Around fifteen different techniques are used to offer the calibers an aesthetic quality that will be either delightfully revealed or remain hidden within a precious case.